Restoring Faith

As we commemorate the stories of Passover and the ritual sacrifices made in years past, we are reminded that sacrifice is the essence of being and living the within the context of forces greater than ourselves. We know that withholding self-gratification means that we seek something more important than the moment. And we become more holy and more worldly when we actually feel the sacrifice, taste it and remember the sins and accomplishments of our predecessors.

Passover is a story of liberation and renewal, of forgiveness and cleansing of the soul. It is a model for our behavior today and all days, for the possibility of liberation, redemption and renewal are always present — dependent upon choices, our true goals and our real intent. We are forever presented with the opportunity to release hatred, speaking ill of one another, and consuming our world rather than contributing to it. We can always decide that our pride is less important than our contribution to peace, harmony, and the wondrous world of good and good deeds.


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