About Neil F Garfield

Neil Garfield is a semi-retired attorney, semi-retired economist, semi-retired investment banker and semi-retired inventor of business methods for electronic funds transfer including ATM machines and other electronic banking activities. He is a prolific writer on a wide range of subjects. He lives with his wIfe Joyce in the Phoenix area.


6 Responses to “About Neil F Garfield”

  1. suzanne M Ledgister Says:

    My house was foreclosed in feb 2007. However, I am still in possession because the trustee did not name me or serve me. In addition the house was deeded to me but the deed was recorded after the LIs Pendis but it was in the recorders office and indexed before the lis pendis. But my deed was recorded before the trustee deed who foreclosed on the house. the house went through a series of assignments. The marshal tried to evict me july 07 but I prevailed because my name was not on the foreclosure action. No were is my nae mentioned. I have resided at this property for several years. They have the names of the former tenant and owner. I know there must be a way for me to fight this out in court. They are still trying to evict me. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr Easton Says:

    Neil F. Garfield


    If you are living in Phoenix, I would like to meet to discuss a suite against the bank and possible principle reductions. Standard loan mods are of no value if the home is $ 200 upside down..


  3. Danny Chavan Says:

    this is Danny I came to know through internet about u that u could help us out the case is that house under forclousre in next 15 days my sisters Ex husband got a line of credit of $95000.00 and did not make any payment and got this LOC without my concent too. but domestic court just ruled over and set him free so ultimately my sister who was awarded house in final divorce decree till her son turns 18 yrs gonna lose her house.

    So is there any remedy for this to deal with bank and take her ex husband of the deed by making him sign quit deed or is any other way to settle it down let me know asap.


  4. Frank Says:

    Bill, on June 25th, 2009 at 9:03 am Said:

    Warning – Do not contact or send anything to John Dunn “olivier@ipa.net” … his operation is a scam.


    Can you tell me anything about these guys Bill or John…

  5. Ric Fojas Says:

    We have seen a case where after foreclosure and a TILA-PREDATORY-PN case was filed, the buyer in foreclosure transferred the property back to the homeowner.

    Wish we could be updated on how the court is reacting on TILA violation and Produce the Note cases.



  6. Stevie Rocker Says:

    I am pro se litigant who has been defending my home for over two years. This, of course, has been quite stressful. I now have ‘shingles’ and can’t really do anything rationally. Spent and or lost all for this
    litigation – no funds for attorney, even if could find one who knows s from shortcakes. Any such thing as a (non-stipulated) time out, see you in three months after I recover, or like that? Even if I could tolerate the
    stress of litigation just now (with shingles), doing so will likely contribute to further deterioration in my health and decrease likelihood of recovery/abatement of this dreadful, vicious condition. What motion could I file for ‘time out’ to get over this medical condition? Thanks

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